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 Where serving your best interests IS our only interest!

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We appreciate you taking the time to visit and to learn more about us.  Legacy Financial Advisors, a fee-only registered investment advisory and financial planning firm, provides financial planning and ancillary services on a fee-only as needed basis- Customized, Competent, Conflict-Free Advise.

 Anyone who has financial needs should have a financial planner/investment advisor.  Some people have the expertise and resources to do this themselves but most people lack the training and/or resources.

Positive cash flow is the material of which assets and wealth are made. One significant reason America finds itself in the midst of this crisis is that most people do not know how to manage their cash flow efficiently to meet their long term objectives.

Are you using your cash flow effectively or destructively?  This is a huge area which can either help you or act as an anchor sinking you into debt.

Are your investments allocated to accomplish your goals and meet your risk tolerance? Do you know how much you need to save to retire? Are you wasting precious time by not investing properly or making poor choices? 

Should you roll over your retirement plan to an IRA?  Convert to a Roth?  Do you know how to effectively structure your investments to withdraw income after retirement? Are you using the tax laws in your favor?

What about financing college?  You do can significantly lower after tax college costs but this requires knowledge and planning.  Do you know how to structure your assets and liabilities to increase your chances for obtaining financial aid? Do you know how to reap income tax benefits to reduce the cost of attending college?

In today's world, making solid financial decisions is more important than ever  but also confusing and overwhelming for most people.  Truth is our educational system does not prepare people for making the financial decisions that will shape their lives.  Compound this with companies promoting their interests which are often at odds with yours and the power of advertising , it is no wonder that individuals find themselves lost and at times losing the battle in building a sound financial future. 

Legacy Financial Advisors LLC was created with the mission of helping people to build and to maintain their legacies in spite of these forces.

Too ofter people choose an advisor for the relationship they have with him or her , the "soft factors", rather then doing their homework and finding individuals that meet the critical criteria.  First apply the criteria  mentioned on the following pages, then consider the relationship factor.

Finally "it is not the idea of authority but the authority of the idea that is important. At Enron, many people thought the emperor had no clothes but no one was willing to ask the question", Lawrence Summers President of Harvard University on March 3, 2006.

Legacy Financial Advisors LLC is committed to its mission and to the philosophy cited by Larry Summers.  We believe that too often the status quo and the authority held by those in power is used to further systems and ideas that do not serve the best interests of the consumer.

 Legacy Financial Advisors is proud to be a member of the Garrett Planning Network .

Originally "The Three Factors" was our analysis of criteria to consider in order to choose a high quality financial advisor.  These ideas are further developed and expanded in the "C Cop" criteria.  Enjoy the following content as food for thought to help you in your quest to achieve your financial goals with the assistance of a financial advisor who becomes a source of support, knowledge and a special player on your financial team.